Pneumatic strapping tool for 25mm and 32mm PET strap.


Strong and reliable
Easy to be used, even with one hand
Durable and low maintenance required
Two versions available (5000N & 6000N, both adjustable)
Suspension hook already equipped


Adjustable tension
Robust and powerful
Friction weld and high seal efficiency
Heavy duty applications (eg. Coils, metallurgical and steel industries)

ITA 14 is the pneumatic plastic strapping tool for heavy duty applications.

Strong, powerful and reliable, ITA 14 represent the most suitable pneumatic plastic strapping tool, studied for 25mm and 32mm PET strap.

With a tensioning force of up to 6000N, ITA 14 finds application in all heavy applications where high tension is required, including coils, metallurgical and steel industries, wood and timber industry and in any other sector where it is used an high-strength polyester strap.

Easy to be used, ITA 14 is powerful, fast and strong.
ITA 14 uses friction weld seal technology that guarantees high seal efficiency, without requiring any seal, and it is manufactured to be durable and with very low maintenance required.

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