ITA 27

Battery Strapping Tool for Heavy Duty Applications

Suitable for:

  • 19 mm* PET strap (Smooth or Embossed)
  • 25 mm PET strap (Smooth or Embossed)
  • 32 mm PET strap (Smooth or Embossed)
    • *19mm guidestrap kit available on request

Tension Force – Max:

  • 7000 N


3 Operating Modes:
Automatic / Semi Automatic / Manual
Easy to be used
Digital control Panel
Brushless Motor technology


  • Powerful, for heavy duty applications
  • Wide range & adjustable tension (2700N-7000N)
  • Well balanced & One hand operating tool
  • Easy access to wearing parts
  • Strong and well protected motor housing

ITA 27 is the most powerful strapping tool for every heavy duty application.

Strong, powerful and reliable, ITA 27 is the most suitable three operating modes battery strapping tool, studied for 19mm, 25mm and 32mm PET strap. (19mm guidestrap kit available on request).

Well balanced and easy to be used also with one hand, ITA 27 can be used in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating modes.

ITA 27 is equipped with Brushless motors to grant low maintenance, high speed and improved electronic control.

The dedicated high efficiency and long life Lithium-Ion battery, will grant high number of duty cycles per single charge, without any memory effect on the battery.

The tool finds application in all heavy duty applications where the highest tension is needed, like even in steel, aluminium, hardwood timber and all other materials, using high strength Polyester Strap.

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