Itatools srl is an Italian Manifacturer of Strapping Tools

About the company

ITATOOLS srl is an Italian Manufacturer of Strapping tools. Suitable for plastic, steel and textile strap, our product portfolio includes a complete range of battery operated, pneumatic and manual strapping tools that can be used in several sectors and for multiple applications. Established in 2006, Itatools boasts a team of professionals who have been operating successfully in the strapping sector for over 30 years.

Commercial and Administrative offices, Technical department, and Production are located in the company headquarters, in the neighborhood of Milan. The experience gained on the market, the quality assured, the reliability and competitiveness of the products led to a rapid growth of the Company on the International market. Today Itatools can be considered one of the leading manufacturers of strapping tools on a global scale.

Our skills

ITATOOLS offers a complete range of battery operated, pneumatic and manual strapping tools to meet any strapping need for plastic, metal and textile strapping.
DESIGN & PRODUCTION MADE IN ITALY. Strapping tools are designed, developed and produced internally. Every single strapping tool is made in Italy, which is synonymous of high quality.
TEST & TRIALS. Each component and every tool are tested to guarantee the quality and reliability that distinguishes us.
TECNICAL SUPPORT. Itatools offers a continuous technical
support and provides after-sales assistance for the maintenance of the tools produced.

GLOBAL VIEW. Itatools boasts a network of distributors on a global scale, in order to ensure widespread market coverage and anticipate the sector’s trend.
EXPERIENCE. Thanks to the experience gained in the sector, Itatools offers high quality, reliable and innovative strapping tools on the international market.
CONTINOUS DEVELOPMENT. The creativity and competence of the technical team, which designs and develops each tool, allows Itatools to be always in line with the times in a continuous evolving market.

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Plastic & Steel Strapping Tools