Pneumatic tensioner for steel strap.


Special design with angled motor
Strong and reliable
Easy to be used
Low maintenance required
Powerful and quick


Easy operation mode for coils application
Adjustable tension
Robust and durable
For Regular duty and high tensile steel straps

ITA 44 SP is the pneumatic tensioner for regular duty and high tensile 19mm / 25mm / 32mm steel straps, specially studied for coils or any other round application.

The special design, with the angled motor design, allow the easiest tensioning operation in any position.

Used in combination with ITA 45 sealer You will have the best and the easiest steel strapping solution

Powerful quick and strong, ITA 44 SP is manufactured to be durable and with very low maintenance required.

With ITA 44 SP You will allowed to tension Your steel strap in any position

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