ITA 84

Tensioner for steel strap Battery operated.


Battery Operated Tool
For a wide range of Steel strap
Strong and Reliable
Powerful & Quick


Adjustable tension
Robust and durable
Easy to be used
Low maintenance required

ITA 84 is the innovative tensioner Battery Operated studied for regular duty and high tensile 19mm/25mm/32mm steel strap.

Battery solution facilitates and simplifies the tensioning of the strap, maintaining the same high performance achieved by the equivalent pneumatic version and it will allow any strapping operation, in any working environment, without any constraints, pipes or air connections.

Through the potentiometer positioned under the battery (Li-Ion 18V – 5Ah, which guarantees high number of strapping cycles), it will be possible to adjust the tensioning force up to 13000N.
ITA84 can be used with any Itatools sealers, ITA85 (battery operated), ITA 45 (pneumatic), ITA 37 (manual) ensuring an optimal strapping operation, for any application, even in heavy
industries, including coils, steel pipes, etc.
Powerful, fast and strong, ITA 84 is manufactured to be durable and with very low maintenance required.

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