Battery Strapping Tool
for 13mm / 16mm PP & PET Strap
Opening Lever free
Bluetooth connection & Mobile APP


Opening lever free
Bluetooth connection & Dedicated mobile APP
Digital control Panel
Very fast in tensioning and welding
Wide range & adjustable tension (500N-2500N)
Ergonomic design & perfectly balanced


3 Operating Modes:
Automatic / Semi Automatic / Manual
High Capacity 18V Li-Ion Battery
Soft & Standard Tensioning
Easy to be used
Friction weld and high seal efficiency
Strong and well protected motor housing

EVO 13-16 is the INNOVATIVE and REVOLUTIONARY battery strapping tool, studied for 13 / 16 mm PP and PET strap.
Lightweight, well balanced, ergonomic and easy to be used, EVO 13-16 can works in three different operating modes (fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual).

ITA EVO have been developed without the standard opening lever for a more comfortable strapping operation.
With the integrated Bluetooth connection it will be possible set, check and update the tool, directly with your mobile devices (APP available for
Android and iOS systems).

Equipped with high efficiency and long life Li-Ions battery, You can reach even more than 400 cycles per charge, without any memory effect.

ITA EVO can be used in any application field, from timber to logistic, from steel to brick industry and, with the new “Soft Tensioning Mode”, also corrugated and all other light applications will not be a problem anymore.

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