ITA 51

Pneumatic steel strapping tool with seal joint.


3 operating buttons
Strong and reliable
Easy to be used
Low maintenance required
Powerful and quick


UP-CUT seal joint
Double notch
Manual Tension
Robust and durable
For a Wide range of steel straps
Suspension Hook already equipped

ITA 51 is the combined double notch UP-CUT seal joint pneumatic strapping tool, studied for 19mm / 25mm / 32mm steel straps.

The tool is equipped with 3 operating buttons, to allow a Manual tension of Your steel strap.

ITA 51 is available in two motor versions (9000 N and 15000 N) to provide the most suitable and adjustable tension for Your application.

Easy to be used, ITA 51 is already equipped with its suspension hook to grant a lighter operation mode to arrange a perfect double notch seal joint.
Powerful, quick and strong, ITA 51 is manufactured to be durable and with very low maintenance required.

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