ITA 23

Battery strapping tool

for 16mm and 19mm PET strap

Manual Operating Mode


Manual operating mode
Easy to be used
Strap size change without guide replacement
Long life Li-Po battery
Digital control panel


Adjustable tension (1900N – 5000N)
Lightweight and one hand operating tool
Friction weld and high seal efficiency
Strong and well protected motor housing

ITA 23 belongs to the most well-known battery tool series for plastic strap, used worldwide.
Reliable, efficient and effective, ITA 23 is high tension strapping tool, suitable for 16 and 19 mm PET strap, operating in manual tensioning mode.

Easy to be used, also with one hand, ITA 23 finds application in many heavy duty application like bricks, ingots, steel and timber industry and many others.

The dedicated, high-efficiency and long-lasting 3Ah Lithium-Polymer battery will guarantee an high number of duty cycles per single charge, without any memory effect on the battery.

The tool uses friction weld seal technology that guarantees high seal efficiency, without requiring any seal.

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