ITA 12

Pneumatic strapping tool for 16mm and 19mm PET strap.


Easy to be used, even with one hand
Powerful and reliable
Two versions available (5000N & 6000N, both adjustable)
Alluminium Cast Body
Suspension hook already equipped


Adjustable tension
Robust but lightweight
Friction weld and high seal efficiency
High tension force
Durable and low maintenance required

ITA 12 is the pneumatic strapping tool studied for 16mm and 19mm PET strap.

Powerful and reliable, ITA 12 has been developed in two versions to better fullfill the customer’s needs, providing a maximum tensioning force of 5000N or 6000N.

Lightweighted and designed to be used even with one hand, ITA 12 is powerful, fast and strong.

ITA 12 finds application in many fields, from timber to corrugated, from steel to logistic to brick industry or for any other possible application.

ITA 12 uses friction weld seal technology that guarantees high seal efficiency, without requiring any seal, and it is manufactured to be durable and with very low maintenance required.

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